1 million created, hard cap
ĐNS can be converted to xĐNS to receive rewards - ĐNS is bought back at market price with 100% of the DOGE accumulated from sales using a smart contract and provided to xĐNS holders through the staking system. This means, for each domain sale, there is a corresponding purchase of ĐNS (the purchases are aggregated).

Airdrop for .doge name holders: 5% of total or 50,000

All users currently owning a domain name will be rewarded with a DNS tokens according to the following rules:
Name Length
DNS Reward
Example: Alice owns 3 names with 5+ character length, and 1 name with 3 character length. Total reward is 103 DNS.

LNS holders airdrop: 30% of total or 300,000

These tokens will be periodically airdropped to LNS holders.

Marketing, promotion, integration: 10% of total or 100,000

6 months vested team tokens: 50% of total or 500,000

These tokens are vested over a 6 months period.
  • 200,000 ĐNS / 20% — held in a sablier contract for Gilgameš
  • 150,000 ĐNS / 15% — held in a sablier contract for Pat
  • 150,000 ĐNS / 15% — held in a sablier contract for Kasumi

Private OTC sales for short-term funding: 5% of total or 50,000

The remaining 5% of the supply allocation will be reserved for short-term funding and most likely sold OTC (contact the team if interested). Subject to vesting schedules.